“HCLL helped connect our company with training through the Next Level Jobs Program.  This connection helped two young men receive their CDL and take on a more versatile role within our company”.

– Lacy Crosier C&R Construction

On May 16, 2017 I walked across the stage in New Albany, Indiana to receive my Associate Degree from Ivy Tech Community College. This accomplishment would not have been possible for me without the Harrison County Lifelong Learning Center.

First of all I was not able, in my rural part of the county, to get affordable internet. I used H.C.L.L exclusively for my course work that required internet. I also availed the services of H.C.L.L. for test proctoring on occasion. Over my time of trying to get a degree I have had computer crashes and rushed in to H.C.L.L. to use one of the many modern computers in the computer lab. I have had printer problems along the way and once again H.C.L.L. saved me from failure. When writing my papers I did many drafts and the printing discount for college work was a great help.

I was greatly aided by taking advantage of the many computer classes offered by H.C.L.L., the most helpful being Word, Excel and Power-Point. I recall that at the old location on Quarry Road, I was thrilled to find out that Spanish classes were offered and were quite affordable. I took all the Spanish classes and enjoyed them. I used H.C.L.L. for online test taking as the local library had time constraints for usage and H.C.L.L. did not and this allowed me to test without worrying about going over an hour time limit. I am grateful for the ability, as I found time, to go to H.C.L.L. and spend half a day doing my research and working on projects. When I applied for grants for school through Harrison County Community Foundation, I had to go to H.C.L.L. as the application process was online exclusively. I use H.C.L.L. to register for my classes as this also required internet use. I used the computer lab many times at H.C.L.L. after Corydon lost its local unemployment office to search for and apply for employment because again the process for this activity is online exclusively.

I was very happy to have been able to take one of my required IvyTech classes on site at H.C.L.L. in Corydon and not have the expense of driving to Sellersburg. Last but not least, Shari Lasher is quite an asset to the H.C.L.L. team with her vast knowledge of computers and their software programs, her knowledge of appropriate contacts when needed and her lovely personality. In closing, I want to say that I would be only a high school graduate and not a Harrison county resident with a college degree if not for Doug and Shari and the Lifelong Learning Center in Corydon Indiana.

– Kathy C. Timberlake