Wire Cutter Associate

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Wire Cutter/Warehouse Associate Job Description
As the wire cutter operator you are in charge of cutting wire and cable with the use of machines. As the cutting machine operator, your job is to ensure the accuracy of the cuts. You measure and bundle wires and cables appropriately for the job orders and then work with the installation teams to make sure they get the proper wires for assembly. Your duties as a wire cutter may also include unloading and loading materials, moving waste or materials to the proper locations, and verifying all the equipment is working properly.
The ability to package product and ensure accuracy of the material being prepared and delivered.
  • Coordinate communications with Inventory, Operations (Production), Purchasing, Scheduling, Accounting, and Program Management.
  • Maintain work environment with respect to safety, efficiency, and cleanliness.
  • Maintain departmental working relationships to achieve total performance requirements. Effective communication, negotiation, and teamwork skills will all be used.
  • Must develop the ability to interpret customer supplied documentation such as auditing materials.
  • Complete assignments, projects, and other related duties as required by management.
Prerequisites needed to meet minimum standards of job:
  • Experience with Wire and warehouse settings.
  • Must be able to communicate (both verbal and written) at all levels within the organization.
  • Must be organized and have excellent filing / record-keeping skills.
  • Must be comfortable working in various plant level environments.
  • Must be self motivated.
Job Type: Full-time

To apply for this job please visit eckart.apscareerportal.com.

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